How can I schedule automatic backup of my site and database?

How can I schedule an automatic backup of my web site and my database? 

By default, all accounts on a Version 5 system (PHP5 / MySQL5) here at Hands-on Web Hosting are automatically backed up.  We use the r1Soft backup utility called CDP (Continious Backup Protection) which makes a backup of clients files and databases every 4 hours.

To resotore a file, or selection of files, you would click the "r1Soft Backup" icon in the FILES section of your control panel.  From there, you can select the files you wish to restore.  If you would like to restore the database, please be aware that you can not restore an individual record or table.  If you restore the database, it will overwrite the existing database with the backup.  Any new orders, comments or data in your database would be reset to that of what was in the backup.  You will lose any NEW data since the backup time.

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